01. The band's music can't really be [classified]; it's both jazz and rock, with a little bit of folk thrown in the mix.
02. The government has announced plans to [classify] videos so that parents will know if a film is okay for young viewers.
03. This data is [classified], and can only be seen with prior authorization.
04. HIV cannot be [classified] as an exclusively sexually-transmitted disease.
05. Of the 12 books I have read this year, I would [classify] at least half of them as complete garbage.
06. The prisoner is [classified] as a dangerous offender, and is not eligible for an early release.
07. Can I have the [classifieds]? I want to see if I can find any ads for a good used car.
08. We put an ad for our old pool table in the [classifieds], and sold it within an hour.
09. The film [classification] "mature" means the movie should not be seen by a person under the age of 14, unless accompanied by an adult.
10. The [classification] of families into nuclear and extended families now seems too limited to describe the many different forms families take in today's society.
11. Skin color is the most commonly used criterion for racial [classifications].
12. Someone once said that science is knowledge which is arranged and [classified] according to truth, facts, and the general laws of nature.
13. George Henry Lewes once stated that science is the systematic [classification] of experience.
14. It has been noted that what is human and the same about the males and females [classified] as Homo Sapiens is much greater than the differences.
15. It was Aristotle who first recognized that the most practical way to [classify] animals was to group them according to their anatomy or their closeness of form and structure.
16. Burns are [classified] as first-, second-, or third-degree depending on their depth.
17. In biology, [classification] is the identification, naming, and grouping of organisms into a formal system.
18. Traffic signs are [classified] by shape, color and the messages printed on them.
19. The nicotine in cigarettes is extremely toxic, and has been [classified] as the most addictive drug in existence.
20. All of the nation of Mali can be [classified] as hot and dry.
21. In the 1980s, the Republic of Chad was [classified] as the poorest county in the world.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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